Festival Drug Matters

Byron Bay is home to many music festivals and community events (Splendour in the Grass, Falls Festival, Schoolies). These events are increasingly heavily policed, particularly in relation to drug possession and supply.

Festival Drug Matters - Byron Bay

Each year, hundreds of festival attendees are charged with drug offences and summonsed to appear in court at Byron Bay. Courts are dealing with such matters in a harsh way so as to deter others from similar offending. If you are charged with such a matter, you cannot expect to represent yourself and get a “slap on the wrist”.

We have represented countless defendants in drug possession, drug supply and other matters arising from the local festivals and schoolies etc. Our team are understanding when it comes to Festival Drug Matters with many previous clients and their families finding our approach reassuring during this difficult time.

We have many years experience in such matters and local knowledge about the right path forward in your matter.

Email or call us immediately on charge to check your legal rights and ease your mind.